Career Opportunities for Law Students

Students who article or work as summer students at Tapper Cuddy will enjoy a more active role than they might experience at a large corporate law firm. Working with us won’t guarantee you subsequent employment at our firm, but it will give you unparalleled, hands-on experience with clients and in court that you won’t soon forget.

Articling Students

As an articling student at Tapper Cuddy, you’ll have an opportunity to help lawyers conduct cases, files and transactions at various stages, in addition to the legal research component that is part of every articling experience. You’ll also have primary responsibility for conducting specific legal matters.

If you’re interested in litigation, you’ll draft pleadings, attend motions, attend examinations for discovery and attend mediations or trials. We’ll make every effort to involve you in the entire litigation process—client meetings, file strategy sessions, court attendances and resolution conferences.

If corporate and commercial law is your preferred area of focus, you’ll gain valuable experience as you participate in all types of corporate transactions—corporate acquisitions, corporate refinancings and real-estate transactions. You’ll draft commercial documents, learn tax matter documentation and prepare estate and trust documents.

If you’re drawn to family law, you’ll experience matters involving separation, divorce, custody, access, child and spousal support and property division. You’ll also learn about Collaborative Law as an alternative method of resolving issues and disputes.

What to Expect

You’ll be assigned to a lawyer in your area of interest who will provide guidance, monitor your work and give you feedback throughout the year. You’ll meet with your assigned lawyer regularly to review your workload, ask questions and discuss any general practice issues that may arise.

We strongly encourage two-way communication throughout your articling year. We’ll provide you with guidelines about what to expect as an articling student working at Tapper Cuddy, and we’ll also conduct formal reviews three times during your year.

Summer Students

As a law student, you have a unique opportunity to become part of our team during the months of May through August. As a summer student, you’ll work directly with our lawyers on various legal matters and cases involving litigation, corporate/commercial or family law.

Unlike at a larger firm, you’ll be involved in many aspects of cases and transactions, observing and participating first hand in cases under the mentorship of an experienced lawyer. In litigation, you’ll have an opportunity to assist in conducting litigation proceedings at various stages—attending motions, examinations for discovery, trials, appeals and mediations. You may also draft pleadings, research memos and opinions.

In corporate/commercial law, you’ll be able to participate in corporate transactions (corporate acquisitions and refinancings, and real-estate transactions), draft commercial and tax matter documentation and prepare estate and trust documents.

What to Expect

You’ll be provided with office space, computer access and parking. Our lawyers will mentor and monitor you to make sure you have a valuable, hands-on law-firm experience.

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If you’re interested in starting your career with Tapper Cuddy, we’re always looking for smart and energetic law students to join us for summer or articling work. Contact us today.

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