Articling Students

The firm is very proud of the articling program it has developed over the years. We pride our program on the basis of not just developing great students but also well rounded lawyers for our firm. Each student is assigned to a lawyer who will have the primary responsibility of monitoring the student throughout the articling year. The students meet with their responsible lawyers on a regular basis to review their workloads and address any issues of practice generally. Emphasis is on two-way communication throughout the articling year.

The student will be provided with guidelines covering the expectations to be met during the year and formal reviews are conducted on three occasions throughout the year.

In addition to the legal research component which is part of every articling experience, students will have the opportunity to assist lawyers in the conduct of cases, files and transactions at various stages, and in some instances, will be primarily responsible for the conduct of certain matters.

In the litigation department, such experience can include the drafting of pleadings, and attendances at motions, examinations for discovery, mediations, or trials. The firm makes every effort to involve the students in the entire litigation process. Participation can include client meetings, file strategy sessions, court attendances, and resolution conferences.

In the corporate law and commercial transaction department, such experience can include participation in all types of corporate transactions including corporate aquisitions, corporate refinancings, real estate transactions, drafting of commercial documents, tax matters, and estate and trust preparations.

While employment with the firm after articling is not assured, the firm has traditionally grown internally by recruiting additional lawyers from among those it has articled.


The salaries for articling students and associate lawyers is highly competitive in the marketplace and is subject to annual review.

Additional allowances are provided to assist students to participate in Bar Admission functions and activities, both social and educational. Parking is also provided by the firm.

Each student is given their own office and provided with a computer with internet and Westlaw access, as well as secretarial support. Tapper Cuddy LLP maintains an extensive firm library, consisting of traditional and electronic media. The legal librarian keeps the library up to date.

If the student stays with the firm after the Call to the Bar, the firm pays the fees for the Call to the Bar.

The firm of Tapper Cuddy LLP offers a broad and comprehensive range of legal practice with the possibility of experience in both litigation and corporate/commercial law. While students will be exposed to all aspects of the legal profession in their articling year, those with an interest in a particular area, such as civil litigation, family law, or corporate/commercial, may be able to focus more of their practice in their preferred area to develop the skills necessary to succeed in practice as a lawyer.

For more information about our articling program, or to forward your resume for consideration, you may contact:

Jessica L. Dillon: (204) 944-3248 ( or

Jason Harvey: (204) 944-3226 ( )

Our current articling students for the 2018 - 2019 year are:

Kaitlan Buchko : (204) 944-3247 (

Jason Macleod: (204) 944-3263 ( )


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